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Techuva’s eStore connects with any part of the world aiming at customer’s convenience in choosing the quality product. Our website presents a catalogue of top category products with its image and price for instantly notifying the available product details and simplifying the selection of item. This approach reduces the cost and time taken by the consumers multiple attempts in obtaining better and reliable product. Readily available latest tracking and monitoring devices can be searched quickly by using our mobile and web eStore. The transparency in transmissions and transactions permit B2B, and B2C consumers to trust our product. We commit on persistent customer service.

    The Objectives of Techuva’s eStore:

1. Shipping ordered item to the customer address on time according to the delivery date.

2. Maintaining the history of ordered items.

3. Easy payment process through card and assure safe online transaction.

4. Assure efficient and fast check-out time.

5. Certainty after cancelling orders.

6. Check product specifications prior to decision making.

7. Enhance Interactivity between buyers and sellers.

8. Provide customer service and after sale service.